The Himalaya Peace Education Foundation with support from mountaineers Stephan Keck, Josef Einwaller and Christina Hirber and an Austrian group has built two quake-damaged schools at Kakani VDC in Nuwakot district.
A five-room building of Brahmeshwory Lower Secondary School at Nigale village in the VDC was constructed with the investment of Rs 600,000.

Likewise, temporary huts of Sunkanya Primary School at Dovan village in the same VDC were constructed with the expense of Rs 200,000, chairman of Foundation Rajendra Bahadur Lama said.
Similarly, the Austrian group has promised to build a kindergarten school at Dovan village in the VDC in the offing.

The Austrian nationals have also providing support to the quake-hit families by distributing foodstuffs, medicines, and constructing community buildings in the quake-ravaged areas, Lama shared.