Chhanga Electricity Poles

The Village of Chhanga in Eastern Solukhumbu is chiefly habited by the Tamang and Rai community located just below the very popular touristic region of Khumbu the lower region of Solu mostly rural midhill region, the village of Chhanga in Solu is a 2 day off-road trek from the district capital of Salleri with poor infrastructures. The Community since 2016 has been powered by a small scale hydro project of 5 Kw. The Chhanga village which has 32 plus other surrounding village households comprising more than 180 peoples.

The community has been using locally available wooden post for the power line distribution, however in due time needed replacement owing to the wearing out of the material used. The Chhanga Community 36 wooden posts used in the transmission line of the power supplied to the village will be replaced with more sturdy iron posts that can be able to withstand much weathering effects.

The new metal poles already arrived in Salleri and have been inspected by the local project team. Mr. Tekay Tamang and Mr. Buddah Tamang are happy with the quality of the poles and are preparing the further transport to Chhanga. Monsoon makes the transportation at the moment impossible.
The project is supported by SANCHO and STEPZERO.ONE.