First Phase Started


Stephan Keck and Hans Kammerlander visited the Maure water project site in Kavre north-east Kathmandu. It was an overwhelming experience amidst hundreds of villagers who welcomed the team with the fresh flower garland and traditional music and dance. More than 1300 people from 200 households have been affected after the water sprout dried after the earthquake of 2015. STEPZERO.ONE had the survey for the construction of the water project and distribution channel during our last visit to the village in spring 2016. Today we were able to start a first phase of the construction process with a formal digging of the upper water storage tank (50,000ltr) on the mountain top 1000 m above from the source. The reception and hope in the eyes of the villagers can hardly be expressed in words. The project when completed shall be able to bring drinking water to the affected village of 1300.

Step 0.1 - First Phase Started