In memory of Purna

Ten days after the devastating earthquake in Nepal, rescue crews still looking for buried corpses in Langtang. On Tuesday, workers rummaged in Langtang valley through tens of thousands of tons of earth a mudslide. This had torn after the earthquake of 25 April at least 60 people to their deaths. Residents feared up to 200 dead.
Yesterday the trekking bag of a guest from our friends group Purna was found in Langtang. Until last night, I still try to hope that Purna somewhere stuck in the valley and can not comunicate, this hope I have now lost. Langtang was the last place where Purna was seen, now that the duffle bags of its guests have been found and we have heard nothing more since the earthquake, we have to assume that Purna and his friends deceased in this landslide. We have lost an extraordinary human being with Purna – his kindness, his helpfulness, his commitment to his friends, his joy of living, his openness and especially his friendship will be missed. Our condolences to your family and all the people in Nepal who have also endured the same fate.
Purna your laughter I will never forget, it’s nice that we could go together a piece of our journey – thank you. I found it hard, but I wanted that the people remember you how you were always, here are some photos from better times. The last time I dedicated this song someone , one of my best friends is gone, now it is unfortunately again so …… Purna you’ll go on forever with us, we’ll meet again …