News von Mingma Sherpa

 I had a conversation with my family yesterday in Rolwaling and they are safe. But the 4.9 rector scale earthquake yesterday morning destructed Rolwaling valley. Most of the houses are collapsed and most of the place are not safe because of rock falling.

Now the people are worried from the biggest glacier lake, Tsho Rolpa.
In case the lake is busted, it will destruct whole the valley and most of the places in Nepal and then to the country it flow to.
The government organ and media didn’t reach this remote valley so there are no news. People are only concerned few places in Nepal but this lake can cause huge destruction.
The two long bridge to cross big river on the way to Rolwaling were not seen yesterday so problem is getting bigger and bigger in Rolwaling.
So all the Governmental organs, concerned organizations and media are requested to focus on this valley for once.