Rehabilitation for Earthquake victims

In the remoteness of Langtang valley Nepal north of Kathmandu in Haku region

Adjoining the Tibetan border The indigenous community to local Tamang still remains untouched to the development seen by the nearby village just 6 km from the highway. Subsistence farming and local handicrafts and rugs are the local source of livelihood while most male population work as a cheap labor supplies in the city and trekking industry.

304 resident of Haku region in Langtang who were displace by the Earthquake in 2015. The victims were deprived of any support to resettlement from the government without land ownership paper. The government had distributed 450 Euro to each of the quake victim family in Rasuwa for rehabilitation The land ownership paper distribution in Haku Langtang was successfully done yesterday in coordination with the Chief District Officer in the Headquarter Premises.

The local and National media and Press personal and the people of Rasuwa attended the function.