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Nepal is a landlocked country in South Asia. The country borders touches to the People`s Republic of China in the north and in the east, the south and the west to India.

In the north and in the east of Nepal is a big part of the Himalaya-mountain region situated, the Mount Everest, whose summit with 8.848 meters represents the highest point of the earth and seven more of the ten highest summits of the earth. Bad governance and an isolated demographic position are the reasons that Nepal is one of the poorest countries in Asia.

Stephan Keck was most of the time of his life on the way high up on the roofsof this world. Expeditions to the eight-thousanders of this world got him inevitable also to Nepal. Cho Oyu, Manaslu, and Ama Dablam distributedalong under numerous others in the list of the already scaled summits.Beneath the histories about mountains and adventures, experiences inextreme situations, photos of the most outlying spots, it`s rather about the people, who Stephan met during his journeys. The fates and meetings on places of his expeditions around the globe become the key reason for a foundation as STEPZERO.ONE.

The Nepalese capital Kathmandu with its 1.7 million habitants was located near the epicenter as on the 25. April 2015 the worst series of earthquakes started, which apparently the Himalaya was ever part from. The photos of the destruction have gone viral around the entire world. This trigger for the action, thus SOS Nepal was formed.

The first action to call on relief was to collect in a brief time material – most of all tarpaulins, tents, tools, sleeping bags and clothes and to bring these things the fastest way to Nepal. Many people as possible should be enabled to have a dry emergency shelter inclusive clothes and sleeping opportunities, without losing thereby a lot of money and time due to bureaucratic and logistic friction losses.

With more than 30 helpers we created within a few weeks to provide more than 65.000 relief goods to fly to Nepal free of duty and without bureaucratic barriers. The costs of the transport were passed entirely from the generous donors. Nepal is in the mountainous regions (60 % of the country) just reachable across footpath or with a helicopter, there aren’t 20 helicopters in the whole country.

Due to the cooperation’s with partner trekking agencies the distribution of the relief goods could be organized relative frictionless on the spot. A majority of the material got transported BY Sherpas on feet to the remote mountain areas. By means of the donation funds there were also air transports to the remotest areas. We were able to initiate medical aid during the first three months after the horrible earthquake for 7% of the persons concerned.

The team around Stephan Keck with Axel Naglich, Hannes Arch, Josef Einwaller, Wulf Kruetschnigg, Gerald Salmina, Rajendra Lama, Shailendra Karki , Christina Hirber and a lot more volunteers participated themselves also actively in the reconstruction on the spot.

Their work in Nepal was covered got attended by a camera team. The Servus TV documentation Nepal, 1 year after provides insights about the events on the spot, underpinned that it makes sense to help. Two years after the earthquake at least the coarsest debris is eliminated. Beneath the urgently needed funds for the reconstruction of wards, schools, power- & water supply it’s indispensable to resurrect the economic situation in the long-term. The tourism is one of the most important sources of income.

Your help counts– share the history and adventure of Nepal with us and the world.