time to help

The first pictures show the good times in Nepal, now it is time to help!!

Current state of our Nepal helping mission:

Our storage in Stans (Tirol) is filling with relief supplies. At this point we want to thank all friends and helpers. Especially our friends from Italy with Ivan Pegorari.
The company Kuehne&Nagel is supporting us with a special conditions of cargo with a price of € 1,50 / KG.
The company Geiger&Platter is helping us with local Tyrolean Logistics.
Christina Hirber and Sancho are supporting us in all concerns like transportation and logistics in Kathmandu.
Daka Schwaz is supporting us by providing expedition barrels for transportation.
Paul Gürtler bought 5 brand new family tents.
And thank you to all of you who brought the relief supplies to our storage where we can make it ready for air cargo. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU

We have got so many supplies right now that at the moment the most important thing is to donate money to get all the cargo to Kathmandu. Here is the donation account:
IBAN: AT08 2051 0000 0001 6261
name: Step 0.1
subject: Nepal

At the moment we are creating packing and toll lists for the transport.

The situation in Nepal at the moment do not let us get a fixed date of when the cargo is ready to be sent. In Kathmandu planes are sent back before they were landing because of too much air traffic.
There is still the possibility of aftershocks which makes the situation even more serious. They are running out of energy and fuel and what is worst is that the drinking water and food is getting less and less.
Our cargo partner is watching the situation to get the earliest possibility of sending the relief supplies to Kathmandu to our local partners Rajendra, Purna and Ganga.
With a guarantee of 100% we make sure that the supplies will reach the families in need, and will be shared with the help of Rajendra.
There is no special that prefers where the supplies go to. It goes where it is needed in a fair way..

We try to get the big family tents, sleeping bags and clothings to the mountain villages to replace the houses for the meantime.
We have 2 cubic meters of first aid materials to give away to the local hospitals and doctors.

That’s it for now. We keep you up to date.

Many thanks to Rajendra for the local support.

Thank you for your trust. THANK YOU