Visit in Nuwakot

On the 16th of October 2017, Stephan Keck and Hans Kammerlander visited our Nuwakot school site. The school had been completely flattened after the devastating earthquake of April 25th 2015. STEPZERO.ONE immediately built a Temporary Learning Centre (TLC) for the 100 students of Shree Bharmaswari Primary School in Nuwakot of grade 1 to 5, where the traumatized children could have normalization with school and play.

The school now got some government support on building a more stable permanent structure while the STEPZERO.ONE TLC is still functioning as a kindergarten play room. The school management committee and children were happy to see us and made a small memorable function during the visit.  It is such a wonderful blessing that these small children can bring so much of joy with so little that we could provide yet in time so important.

Step 0.1 Visit in Nuwakot